The Tip-Off

The Tip-Off

Dec 10, 2019


The Bride’s manipulation of history.


2019-12-10 R. REDACTED - Cease and Desist Letter.pdf


After leaving The Corporation, I would relax. Almost immediately, I’d receive the attached cease-and-desist letter from their attorneys. Just as expected, the response was a knee-jerk reaction to something I didn’t do. Just as expected, they misread my intent.

Not long after that, I received a phone call from the local sheriff. But since I was ghosting everybody, I let it ring to voicemail.

He said, “Hi Ryan, this is $REDACTED, Chief of the Dallas Police Department. We just wanted to talk with you. Your mother is really worried about you. Can you please give me a call back? My number is $REDACTED. Thank you.”

God damnit, Mom. I told you everything would be fine. I told you this was going to happen. Did you really have to go and call the police?

I sighed, and went on with my day. There were no further interruptions.

Later in the evening, I would leave to pick up food.

Upon leaving my hotel room, I would be greeted by a dog. He had been sitting upon the curb, apparently waiting for me. Next to him was a parked, running car, with blacked-out windows - almost certainly the FBI agents assigned to watch me. They sent the dog to sniff me for weapons - of which it would find none.

I briefly pet the dog, before jumping in my car, and proceeding to the local Arby’s. On the way, I would find that my path had been blockaded by a firetruck, and a half dozen emergency vehicles.

These guys were quick.

I would re-route myself around the blockade, eventually making it to the restaurant. Upon pulling through the drive-thru, I would find the attendant on the phone, shooting nervous glances in my direction. He would eventually service me - though poorly, forgetting my condiments.

During this time, while sitting outside of the take-out window, a security truck would pull alongside me, watching intently.

I would leave without incident, but my troubles were not finished.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.


data.stats.symptoms [
  - determination


I want to dance another day

For all of us that never had what it takes

I want to swim another mile

I’ve got to know if this will be worth my while

What a liar

What a thief

What a major fucking waste of my time

I’m glad I know you

— from Birds of Tokyo - “Medicine”