The Tempest

The Tempest

Nov 1, 2024


They are sick, they are poor

And they die by the thousands

As we look away

They are wolves at the door

And they’re not gonna move us or get in our way

‘Cause we don’t have the time

Here at the top of the world

— from Thrice - “Cold Cash and Colder Hearts”


The above band’s name is “Thrice”, fitting cleanly into Fodder’s Theory of Three.

The shape of The Tempest is comprised from multiples of 3: 666-1.

The Shape of The Tempest

The All-Mother represents 1, located at the center/front of the Tempest.

The circle/all other life is subordinate, following in the All-Mother’s steps. The closer to the eye of the storm, the more chaotic an entity’s quality of life.

In this particular arrangement, The Tempest is so naturally violent that its energy must be saved for only the truest of followers. Those who will not conform should be left to their suffering.


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    - certainty


The sea, the storm was always you

The call of the cascade

I see no god in here but you

The water, the cascade

And we could drown the world in truth, in concord

So dare I just let them set their fires?

They’ll find no witness

I’ll swear by no saints

— from Caligula’s Horse - “The Tempest”