Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Dec 10, 2019


A headache.


I had finally made it. Convergence. It was time to go home.

Despite the fact that my family was blowing-up my phone, I had cut the cord. I had ghosted them. I was ready to end it all.

Having now come full-circle, I ended the night as it had started: with music. I would orchestrate my own, personal symphony before dozing off to sleep.

And in the morning, I would start where all of this had begun: with Raven.

After, I would deliver a message to the man who gave all of this to me. My mentor. $REDACTED.

Donning my Corporation t-shirt, I would leave with my package. My payment. I would be gifting $REDACTED with something guaranteed to crack his egg:

I would spend my ride to his office in tears, so beautiful was the Coheed and Cambria album I listened to. It was perfect. It fit this situation so well.

Arriving, I proceeded to the front desk:

“Excuse me, could you call $REDACTED for me?”

“Sure,” said the security guard at the desk, “what is your name?”

“Tell him Joe needs to give him something.”

With a knowing smirk, the man picked up the phone.

“Oh, shoot!” I exclaimed. “I left something in my car. I’ll be right back.”

I placed the package on the desk.

He nodded.

And with that, I was gone. A ghost. (or so I thought)

My weight was lifted. The clouds had passed. I only had one thing left to do:

Picking up my old Android phone, I sent one final email to $REDACTED from my Corporation email address:

ERROR: ME FOUND - For debug report, please see the security guard at the front desk.

Smirking, I would silently thank The Dave for leaving this account open for me.

I would leave $REDACTED with just 3 days to complete his mission.

And I… I would rest. For the first time in months.

I would make my way to the closest restaurant, Raising Cane’s. On the way, I would throw my old phone out the car window.

I would eat, then I would leave.

Walking into the restaurant at exactly the same time I was leaving was a former colleague. My handler at the FBI.


We have now come full-circle.

And when it rains, it pours.


data.stats.symptoms [
  - determination
  - confidence
  - empathy


Salute the army of hell’s hounds

Salute the reasons why

My conscience, it wakes me

With fire inside I’ll never get out

I’ll never make my stand

And when I awake

I’m not about to listen to them

For I can’t wait

It’s not about me

— from Birds of Tokyo - “Broken Bones”