A Lonely Town: The Ark

A Lonely Town: The Ark

Nov 19, 2019


The Dave’s behavior.


The Ark is to be a test of Fodder’s “juxtaposition” theory. It is to be constructed in Nashville, TN, and to be announced to a private audience on November 22-23, 2019, between 6pm and 10pm.

While Fodder can not stand The Dave - or his subordinate $REDACTED - he was going to place trust in the man, regardless. Truly, he was placing trust in Dave’s army of empaths.

“Build me the heaven that your Bible promises,” he demanded.


The Ark is to be themed as The Dave wishes.

Even if that path includes surrounding himself with young women, and forcing them to lure-in all competition - only to have them arrested by the FBI.


Prove to me that you aren’t the monster everyone says you are.

Or, prove that you are. I don’t give two shits about what happens to you.

You have one year.


Do not assist the Dave. He cannot be trusted.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - schadenfreude


This is the tale of a bully and a lil' bitch. I’m talking about a mean, nasty bully, and a scrawny-ass lil' bitch.

This bully would pick on the lil' bitch every day after school. Lil' bitch had cash, lil' bitch got robbed. Lil' bitch bowed-up, lil' bitch got stomped.

The point I’m trying to make here is: that bully owned that lil' bitch like a Lincoln Continental. But, something happened to change it all.

On this… X-Mas of our tale… lil' bitch got lucky with the gifts. See, something lil' bitch loved more than anything - before family, God, and country - was baseball. He loved the shit out of it. Well, on this X-Mas morning, when he got out of his lil' bedroom, and got under his lil' tree, guess what he found?

An Easton Magnum aluminum baseball bat. Lil' bitch grabbed that bat, and went right outside to play. Didn’t even take the bow off, he was so excited!

And there he was on the corner-ball field, hittin' balls like he was Sammy Sosa, when his bully comes up - eye’n that bat. And just as the bully made his way up to him, without any warning:


Blood on the ground! Blood on lil' bitch! Blood dripping down the bow still wrapped-around that bat. Lil' bitch knocked every tooth out of that motherfucker’s head.

Cracked his skull open. Popped his eyeball out on home plate.

All because lil' bitch saw the truth:

That bat may have been made to play ball, but that wasn’t it’s purpose.

Uh, no. In that moment - in lil' bitch’s hands - it was there to break this nigga’s head open.

See, Mr. Dave, we all have a purpose in this world. And it’s our lot in life to reveal what this purpose is.

But you don’t have to look no more. Cuz for you, that day has come. Want to know why?

I’m going to break $REDACTED. And you’re going to be my aluminum bat.

— from Lil' Bitch, Season 4 Episode 6 of Mr. Robot


"I don't have kids," huh? We saw the picture sitting on your desk.