My Disease

My Disease

Nov 26, 2019


I’m paranoid and sick of this

World’s misconception of things I did

My language poured across this wrist

In a metaphoric disaster

My guess, I’m missing out the punch line

Unless this hanging noose

Is fitted to be all mine

I stood by everything I loved

While you never understood me much

‘Cause there’s only one of me

And too many of you fighting over nothing

Oh, there’s never enough cool for everyone

And before you know it you’re selling out to be in love

— from Coheed and Cambria - “The Hard Sell”


The following three videos represent the point where the Grey, White, and Black timelines diverge.

They can be interpreted in the following ways:

  1. ASMR | Tingle Immunity Treatment Test | Ft. Goodnight Moon & Marno ASMR
  • The first film was generated by a machine. We see 9 “triggers” identified as the most likely to appeal to the most amount of viewers.
  1. ASMR Painting You with Gibi & Marno!
  1. Unpredictable ASMR with Gibi and Goodnight Moon
  • In this video, we clearly see the unveiling of Ink’s A/B test. The Thief teaches us this with the two blocks, “One, and two. A, and B.”
  • We see the participants sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • The bottom “drawer” contains the control subjects, which are everyone. Nobody has ever passed this test.
  • In the top “drawer” are 6 tapes. We see The Thief hint at this when he asks, “Does the tape sound correct?”
  • While unveiling the tape, we can see that The Bride and The Thief are clearly concerned with The Raven’s reaction. For the rest of the video, we can see the disappointment upon her face.
  • Unbeknownst to Raven or the viewer is this fact; each tape contains compromising video of Malcolm. This is revealed to them after filming.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - shame
    - regret
    - heartbreak


Oh the orders have been given explicitly

I know their aim is true

I’d fire back but I’ve been touching the enemy

And any old thing won’t do

— from Tub Ring - “Touching the Enemy”


Everyone Malcolm ever cared about will die. He will spend a lifetime in prison.