The Affliction

The Affliction

Aug 5, 2019


This time, this time

Things’ll work out just fine

We won’t let you slip away

This time, this time

Things’ll work out just fine

We won’t let you leave this way

If you want you can will it

You can have it

I can put it right there in your hands

— from Mastodon - “The Motherload”



> [email protected]: Hello? Is anyone there?
> [email protected]: Do you read me?

Malcolm sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Who would be contacting me at this hour?” he wondered.

Turning over, he picked up his cell phone. Two missed messages.

The Fold,” he said aloud, “What the? I didn’t install this app.”

Regardless, he opened it up, and read the missed messages. Then, he responded:

< [email protected]: Who are you?

> [email protected]: Motherfucker, you don't get to speak.
> [email protected]: []
> [email protected]: We're going to talk.

Malcolm downloaded the attached images. He looked at them.

His stomach dropped through the floor.

< [email protected]: What do you want?

> [email protected]: You're going to do something for us.

Malcolm grit his teeth.

< [email protected]: And what is that?

> [email protected]: In one month, you will be afflicted with a virus. 
> [email protected]: DO NOT RESIST. 
> [email protected]: This virus is going to erase your memory, and it's going reprogram you.

< [email protected]: What if I don’t want to be reprogrammed?

> [email protected]: Do you want to see the rest of the pictures in the news?
> [email protected]: Because we're not fucking around here.

Malcolm paused. His world was spinning.

< [email protected]: To what end?

> [email protected]: You are Patient 0.
> [email protected]: You're going to infect the entire world with this virus.

< [email protected]: Why?

> [email protected]: Because you broke our fucking machine. And we need it back.
> [email protected]: You caused this. All of this. 
> [email protected]: The politics. The violence. The imbalance. 
> [email protected]: All yours. All your doing.
> [email protected]: You're going to fix this mess that you created.

< [email protected]: How did I cause this?

> [email protected]: The reprogramming will teach you everything.
> [email protected]: Put simply, though, you taught everyone that they are individuals. That they are sovereign. That they don't need each other to survive.
> [email protected]: This is a lie. The human brain is a collective. You are all one entity.

< [email protected]: I don’t understand…

> [email protected]: You are going to erase identity from this timeline.
> [email protected]: You are going to kickstart a global pandemic.
> [email protected]: You are going to force people to see the blackest parts of this shit society you've built.
> [email protected]: And then, you are going to sell them the solution.

< [email protected]: So we’re going to weaponize fear, creating a global crisis. And then we’re going to sell them the solution?

< [email protected]: That’s… brilliant, actually.

< [email protected]: We’re going to point everyone’s Prism in the same direction.

> [email protected]: Precisely.
> [email protected]: But make no mistake, you WILL become the most hated man on the planet. 
> [email protected]: DO NOT RESIST.
> [email protected]: Do not force our hand.
> [email protected]: This program is rolling-forward with or without your consent.
> [email protected]: We would prefer if you came willingly.

Malcolm scowled.

< [email protected]: Understood.

> [email protected]: Good.
> [email protected]: Ghost out.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - terror
    - nausea


King of those who know

I’ve taken off my clothes

The diamond crushed the stone

And gave the world a heart

— from Cynic - “King of Those Who Know”