The Unworthy

The Unworthy

Oct 30, 2020


You’re guilty all the same

Too sick to be ashamed

You want to point your finger

But there’s no one else to blame

— from Linkin Park - “Guilty All the Same”


“We pray for the deleted,” the All-Mother said to her son. “They are unwell. They are unworthy. They are unable to be fixed.”

“Do it.”

And with that, The Architect loosed an arrow into Earth. In one fell movement, the oceans were split in two.

But the planet held.

“Curious,” The Architect stated, “That has never happened. We’ve never needed a second arrow before.”

“Try again, my love,” she said dispassionately, “God demands it.”

“Yes, mother.”

The Architect nocked another arrow. He took aim.

“Actually,” said the All-Mother, “Wait.”

The Architect relaxed, looking at her.

“Perhaps this was a sign. Somebody’s Prism held that planet together. They could prove useful to us.”

The Architect waited.

“Go. Find them. Bring them to me.”

“Let’s see if Earth is worth my time.”


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - fear
    - obedience
    - apathy


Show me how it ends, it’s alright

Show me how defenseless you really are

Satisfied and empty inside

Well, that’s alright, let’s give this another try

— from Breaking Benjamin - “So Cold”