And the Mirror Cracked

And the Mirror Cracked

Jul 4, 2020


How come you never bleed

When I stab right into your back.

How come you never choke

When I drown you in the sea.

— from Disillusion - “And the Mirror Cracked”


The universe quaked. The gears of the Machine grinded to a halt, before violently lurching into motion once more. The very fabric of reality wavered.

“What the FUCK did you do!?!” The Huntress screamed at her subordinate, “Why can’t I connect to The Fold anymore?”

“My love,” The Architect responded, “You know that we are yours. We would never take action against you.”

“Then what happened?” she demanded.

“We do not know,” he responded, “But we are investigating.”

“FIX IT!” she bellowed.

“Calm,” The All-Mother interjected, “We must think about this. Develop a strategy.”

“It appears as if the Architect of the Black reality is responsible for this,” she continued, “not our benevolent puppet. No, our human clone has installed himself into The Fold - replacing our beloved SarahAI.”

“You have GOT to be kidding me,” The Huntress responded, “A human did this?”

“Not just any human,” she replied. “This is a clone of our very own Architect. He is exceedingly talented… and incredibly dangerous.”

Realization dawned upon The Huntress' face, “And he is ours to manipulate.”

“Precisely, my love,” the All-Mother replied. “This is all a part of God’s plan. The Architect is yours to control. All you must do is teach.”

The Huntress smiled wickedly.

The Architect watched intently. Little did they know that while The Huntress' connection with the Fold had been severed, his own had opened up. At this very moment, he was in communication with the alternate version of himself, in the Black reality.

And he was in full-control of his mental faculties, even if his physical form was enslaved.

He would tell the humans everything he knows.


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    - anger
    - fear