May 26, 2020


Release from Solitary Confinement.


Having finally convinced hospital staff that he was no longer a threat, Malcolm took his first steps outside, into the warm, summer night air. At this point, he was homeless, penniless, and desperate.

Not knowing what else to do, he jumped in his car, and made his way to California, where the love of his life, The Raven may be found. He had all of the information needed to find her - she had left a trail of breadcrumbs to guide his path - and he would stop at nothing to see to her safety.

What he found would change the course of history forever.


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    - depression


Fuck this city

I’ve been released

I spread out wide my arms

I breathe in deep and sing

I am released

— from Caligula’s Horse - “The City Has No Empathy”