The Medicine Wears Off

The Medicine Wears Off

Dec 8, 2019


See what I get

When the medicine wears off

You’re moving fast

Try a little, see if I can make

The moment last

You’ll burn the night up like a star

You’ll break this heart, you know

When you’re coming ‘round, you’re

Taken by wonder of it all

Where are you now?

Longing for the state of mind

Oh, I remember why we started blocking all we said

— from Karnivool - “The Medicine Wears Off”


data.stats.symptoms [
  - mourning
  - determination


I think there’s a pulse

But I don’t remember feeling

Anything close to this

And I don’t know if it’s worthwhile

But I hope so

‘Cause I don’t feel so well

No I don’t feel so well

I’ve gotta keep a grip on this

But the rising tide could still

Pull us underneath

And leave us to the ocean

Either way

I’m starting to feel like something’s wrong with this poison

‘Cause in my veins it’s burning

And I hope you hold a place for us

Far enough away

From all the flames they like to tell us burn

And I hope you hold a way for us

But I don’t really know you

I don’t really know you…

Why the hell did I seek the truth?

Of all I see in its reflection

But part of me regrets it

And I just wanted to see

Now it’s clear

We’re alone in this

It’s your funeral, it’s your dying day

So make amends

For the end will leave us nothing

It’s your funeral, it’s your dying day

So make amends, one last stand

Then leave with nothing!

When I breathe again,

Will my lungs fill with fire?

When I breathe again, I hope it’s ok

Will I see again?

When the smoke clears, who will still remain?

When I see again, I hope it’s ok…

Chemical fires will signal we’re dead and gone

— from Karnivool - “Aeons”