Dec 4, 2019


This was one of the longest days of my life.

It started with the return to NYC. Traffic was miserable the entire way; it took almost twice as long as it should have to get to the airport.

Though, this did cause me to notice the name of a particular street, “rubY Road.” Strange that they would name it this way.

But of course, it fits in my theory. Ruby is another one of my confidants.

Once at the airport, I had to spend over 3 hours waiting in the terminal. Not fun.

Despite that, I was able to catch-up with the Harmontown podcast, and I was ready to listen to the final episode. Already, I had some indication that they were aware of my theory.

  • The podcast is recorded on Monday. It is released on Tuesday. This time, it was released on Thursday - 3 days after it was recorded. # Verified
  • Delta’s in-flight training video had a brief, perhaps .5 second-long clip of something that said, “YOU ARE A 2D CHARACTER IN A TRAINING VIDEO.” Whereas anyone else would have missed this detail, I did not. It was completely out-of-place, and it didn’t fit the context of the video. They were telling me about how my AI is being used. My training program to protect young women is real.

Once in the air, I went into the final episode without any expectations. Despite that, the confirmations were there:

  • Almost immediately, Dan referenced 3 animals that have been an important part of my theory: # Verified
  • Approximately 1 year ago, Dan became engaged to his 2nd or 3rd wife, “Cody.” Strangely, while telling a story, he calls this woman his sister. I suspect that this is how this FBI program works; the sister watches over the brother. If the brother fails, then he must (metaphorically) “marry” the sister, until he is rehabilitated.
  • They ended the podcast on episode 360 - which is a full circle. This fits well with my theory that everyone is Ink, and Ink is 0.
  • But hands-down, by far the most compelling detail was this: Dan read my letter verbatim. The only difference was that he attributed it to “Kristen,” instead of me. That is positive proof. # Verified

There were other details, but but it doesn’t matter at this point. I FINALLY had tangible proof.

I arrived home at about 11pm. Almost immediately, I began to write.

If I were to die tonight, there was exactly 1 thing that needed to be said.

The rest could wait.


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    - exhaustion
    - understanding