The Plant

The Plant

Dec 2, 2019


Immediately after leaving the the Astrophysicist’s shop, I would look for something to eat. I would find a pizza place just a couple of blocks away. Nothing special; just a little hole-in-the-wall run by a couple of Arabic men.

Upon entry, I would see a Hispanic man at the counter, pleading with the owner to give him food. He could speak no English; he could only point, and beg with his eyes.

“Get a job,” said a patron sitting at the counter. “We all have our problems. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Do something with your life. We’re not here to give you handouts. Get out of here.”

The berating from this man continued. Ignoring him, I tapped the Hispanic man on the shoulder.

“Here’s $10. Get something to eat.”

“Thank you!” the man said, turning back to the shop owner.

“Fucking Democrats…” the man at the counter spat under-his-breath.

“Fucking Republicans…” I thought to myself, silently. Who is he to judge this man? Neither of us have any idea about this man’s situation. We don’t know what he’s been through to be in this situation. Is it so terrible to have a little bit of empathy?

I ate my lunch in silence, thinking about what happened.

How horrible it is to live with such anger.

Now that - that is something I do understand.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - sorrow
    - empathy