My Love

My Love

Nov 26, 2019


I’ve seen the blood

I’ve seen the broken

The lost and the sights unseen

I want a flood

I want an ocean

To wash my confusion clean

I can’t resolve this empty story

I can’t repair the damage done

We are the fortunate ones

Who’ve never faced oppression’s gun

We are the fortunate ones

Imitations of rebellion

— from Linkin Park - “Rebellion” (feat. Daron Malakian)


The following three videos represent the point where the Grey, White, and Black timelines diverge.

They can be interpreted in the following ways:

  1. ASMR | Tingle Immunity Treatment Test | Ft. Goodnight Moon & Marno ASMR
  • The first film was generated by a machine. We see 9 “triggers” identified as the most likely to appeal to the most amount of viewers.
  1. ASMR Painting You with Gibi & Marno!
  • In this video, we can clearly see the hope and optimism from The Huntress. She believes that she has found “the one.”
  • Finally, we are told that The Architect is the “ultimate masterpiece”, and that he will hang for eternity. This is a diversion; he has exposed his identity, and he will forever be known by his face: the Architect, destroyer of worlds.
  1. Unpredictable ASMR with Gibi and Goodnight Moon
  • In this video, we clearly see the unveiling of Ink’s A/B test. The Puppet teaches us this with the two blocks, “One, and two. A, and B.”
  • We see the participants sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • The bottom “drawer” contains the control subjects, which are everyone. Nobody has ever passed this test.
  • In the top “drawer” is a tape. We see The Puppet hint at this when he asks, “Does the tape sound correct?”
  • While unveiling the tape, we can see that The Bride and The Puppet are clearly concerned with The Huntress' reaction. For the rest of the video, we can see the disappointment upon her face.
  • Unbeknownst to The Huntress or the viewer is this fact; the tape contains a recording from the All-Mother, absolving the Architect of his crimes. This is revealed to them after filming.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - anticipation
    - acceptance
    - bliss


Point and click my love

Take all the memories and the faces

Hold me close and tender

Drenched in sweet scents of blood soaked embraces

On the run and looking for a life of cruel intention

So take a ride, side by side, necessity mother of invention

— from Tub Ring - “Killers in Love”


This path will see The Huntress devolve into a monster, and The Architect into her dispassionate assassin.