My Slave

My Slave

Nov 26, 2019


Make your move

End it all

Cloud of dust

Caught in storm

You lie there silent


In the dark

With no worthy eyes

Shed a light

On your slave

Reveal them now

Reveal them now to us all

— from Leprous - “Slave”


The following three videos represent the point where the Grey, White, and Black timelines diverge.

They can be interpreted in the following ways:

  1. ASMR | Tingle Immunity Treatment Test | Ft. Goodnight Moon & Marno ASMR
  • The first film was generated by a machine. We see 9 “triggers” identified as the most likely to appeal to the most amount of viewers.
  • However, we see a clear reference to Butternut Squash. Of all 9 triggers, only 1 was a signal.
  • After the aforementioned reference, we see The Bride say, “I don’t even need to be here. Sometimes you just need something… different, you know?” We see The Raven is clearly embarrassed, laughing as she exits the screen. We continue to hear her laughing from off-screen.
  1. ASMR Painting You with Gibi & Marno!
  • In this video, we can clearly see the hope and optimism from The Raven. She believes that she has found “the one.”
  • We hear references to Reflected Light Syndrome, and see a knowing look shared between The Thief and the Bride.
  • Further, we see actual reflection of a package in the pallet knife.
  • We see a comment about “greenery,” which is a hint at the marijuana that Ink purchased on the dark web.
  • Finally, we are told that Ink is the “ultimate masterpiece”, and that he will hang on display for eternity. This would never be possible if he had exposed his identity. They are hanging their representation of him, but at this point - nobody knows what he looks like.
  1. Unpredictable ASMR with Gibi and Goodnight Moon
  • In this video, we see The Thief call Goodnight “Moon”, Goodnight “Mark.” Clearly, he is indicating that she is “The Mark.”
  • We see The Raven say to the viewer, “I find you incredibly special. You are still quite lopsided, but that is what makes you so unique.” This is a subtle hint at Balance.
  • We clearly see the unveiling of Ink’s A/B test. The Thief teaches us this with the two blocks, “One, and two. A, and B.”
  • We see the participants sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • The bottom “drawer” is the control subject. There is nothing inside of it.
  • In the top “drawer” is a tape. We see The Thief hint at this when he asks, “Does the tape sound correct?”
  • While unveiling the tape, we can see that both The Bride and The Thief are clearly concerned with The Raven’s reaction. For the rest of the video, we can see the disappointment upon her face.
  • Unbeknownst to Raven or the viewer is this fact; the tape is empty. This is revealed to them after filming.
  • Throughout the video, we see discomfort in The Thief’s face, and we hear him say, “I’ve got your back.” He is lying on Ink’s behalf. This is a hint to the fact that they have erased whatever they had on the tape. The “Gucci Mane snow cone” is a promise that The Thief will force Ink to get this tattoo, in return for his help in the matter.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - confidence
    - gratitude


Unassuming, almost ingenious

But I like it, I like it.

I’m obligated to like it

I like it, yes I like it

I’ve got no choice but to like it

— from Toehider - “I Like It”


We will free her when the world believes this story.