A Lonely Town: Prism, the Ephemeral City

A Lonely Town: Prism, the Ephemeral City

Nov 19, 2019


The shadow serves as a blanket for your every move

But it’s useless if it’s already dark

It hasn’t got that much of a heart, and much less to prove

And even less still it has at stake

Nothing more than a numbing for the searing pain of life

Nostalgically manipulative

But I like it. I like it. It’s really fun and I like it

Is it weird that I like it? It’s kinda nice and I like it.

— from Toehider - “I Like It”


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - trust


Would you like to be amazing?

Like you could take up to whole sky

And cast a rainbow across the air with your hand

And you can’t keep up with just how overwhelmingly awesome

It would be

To feel so fancy free

Unashamedly and but unexpectedly

Would you also wanna be awful?

Festering in a pit of despair

Just fantasizing about getting terminally ill

So you don’t have to deal with the shame of taking your own life!

Haha, hey at least you’ll die with dignity

Ok well wouldn’t you rather be somewhere in between?

Well if you’re asking me…

I don’t want to be amazing

And I don’t wanna be awful

I don’t wanna be awesome

Nor do I want to be dismal

Now I just wanna be

I really want to be

Please just let me be…


— from Toehider - “Good”


They are making the Fold.