A Lonely Town: Kingdom of Ruin

A Lonely Town: Kingdom of Ruin

Nov 19, 2019


Come love me

Come adore me

Worship me

Then all at once abandon me

— from Vangough - “Abandon Me”


The Kingdom of Ruin is the result of a third world war, poverty, pollution and hatred. While a few bastions remain (for example, in the Sanctuary of Humanity), all hope is effectively lost.


The landscape is destroyed. Most architecture has been lost to the elements. The air is toxic. The water is filled with rotting carcasses and feces.

The Rabbit King triumphantly wears his crown of shit and thorns.


The bombed-out remnants of the United States of America.


What remains of society are nothing more than ghosts. They live in filth and squalor, clamoring for what remains of the country’s resources.

The Rabbit King watches dispassionately as they destroy themselves.


Lodging is nearly non-existent. A privileged few live in sanctuaries, while the rest make their homes from makeshift debris among the wreckage.


Nearly all food was destroyed in the war. All that remains are canned items, sold at a tremendous markup. Because currency and jobs are no longer important, this has resulted in widespread and persistent famine.


Clean water may still be obtained from deep underground. However, the tools to extract it are so rare that most people drink contaminated, boiled lake water.


Illness or injury almost certainly results in death. Doctors are rare, and medicine is even more rare.


Education no longer matters. Only survival matters - and yet, so many have died that important survival skills are incredibly difficult to find. There remains no-one left to teach them.


The power grid is completely dead. The only power that remains is within the sanctuaries, which are powered by light and air.


With the utter destruction of the roadways, the only feasible mode of transport is by motorbike or horse.


There is no work left. It is a free-for-all, and everyone is left to fend for their own.


The world is not particularly dangerous. What remains of society is generally hopeful, supportive, and helpful towards their brethren.


The world economy has collapsed. Humanity has reverted to a trade-and-barter system.


The Dave, $REDACTED, and Ink will share this world. Each will experience it differently:

  1. The Dave will find love and support, as he pulls the world back from the brink of utter destruction.
  2. $REDACTED will live in the middle, coming to the realization that he, himself has destroyed the world. He must place trust into others in order to see it renewed.
  3. Ink will see the world destroyed, never to be healed again.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - fear


Fear, fear drowns the mind

In this kingdom of mine

And standing in the hall; the faces of them all

Real, like empty space

They know what I became

— from Rivers of Nihil - “Cancer / Moonspeak”


We are all Ink.