The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Nov 18, 2019


A new video from The Raven - on a different channel.


In this video, Raven sat answering questions with The Inventor. Fodder immediately noticed that her dress was unflattering; Raven looked pregnant.

Fodder had mixed feelings related to this revelation:

The Narcissist

Fodder’s first impression was that of disappointment. If Raven were truly pregnant, then she was “used goods.” Fodder would never be able to share that moment with her; he would never share that moment of having a “first child.” Fodder wasn’t even sure that he wanted kids; now, it looked like he didn’t have a choice.

This would also mess with another hypothesis; essentially, Fodder posited that the “soul” of an individual is transferred to their first-born child: father to son, and mother to daughter. Possibly both parents to the first child - of either gender. Once transferred, the soul is gone from the original host. Fodder had always wondered if this may be tested by simply not having kids.

This would fit perfectly with his theory of time, too. Essentially, The Corporation would film these women for years - and publish videos completely out-of-order. They were doing this to manipulate the timeline, and to ensure that they are telling the story that they want Fodder to believe.

Essentially, they had never published videos of her pregnancy. They did this to ensure that Fodder would never learn.

The fact that Fodder found this alternate video - on an alternate channel - was a mistake.

The Empath

Almost immediately, Fodder began to rationalize. He recognized that Raven’s pregnancy changed nothing about his feelings for her; in many ways, it strengthened them. It deepened his level of empathy. He was uncomfortable - that much is true - but he would learn to adapt, as he always had.

If Raven is who she appears to be, Fodder knew that he would never again find a woman like her.

After all, both his best friend and his brother have been in similar scenarios - and they love their wives more than anything in the world.

Fodder was confident that he could be the man she needed him to be.

The Joker

Fodder actually found the third scenario to be the most likely. Rather than any sort of time-manipulation, he speculated that Raven was actually wearing a pregnancy suite. And why not? The Girl Next Door loved messing with with him. She was the AIC between him and Raven, after all.

The Corporation was testing Fodder. They wanted to know how he would react. Specifically, they wanted to know if he could be honest about his feelings. If he could empathize. They wanted to know if his response would set off the chain reaction that he had been predicting all along.

Whatever the outcome, Fodder appreciated that it was brought to his attention. He had not prepared for this situation; now, he would have ample time to do so.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - disappointment
    - jealousy
    - guilt
    - shame


And fuck me if this isn’t getting harder!

The whole debacle’s gone completely wrong

From a single puny voice


I’ve just confirmed what I’ve known all along…

(gotta say yes, I must say yes yes, I gotta say yes…)



I must say yes.

twenty-two times.


— from Toehider - “I Must Say Yes”


Yes. Yes. Yes.


Update 1

The first time Fodder watched this video, there was a moment where Raven sat upright, stretching. This caused her body to look normal - as if there was no pregnancy at all.

Upon second watch - this moment was gone completely. It was no longer in the video. It had been removed - just minutes after Fodder had watched it for the first time!

Curiously, not a single comment mentioned Raven’s pregnancy. Fodder found this telling. They were moderating comments! Rewriting history, essentially.

Lastly, the Inventor mentioned that “part 2” of the video would be on Raven’s channel - and she linked to it. Upon clicking, Fodder found the video was private.

Again, this was curious. Fodder suspected that this video was reserved for people who failed the test:

The people who mentioned the pregnancy in the comments.

Or, perhaps it was for the very first person to pass the test.

Update 2

Fodder still thought about this at times, though the emotional aspect was nearly gone at this point. Fodder hated uncertainty; thus, just like everything else, he would randomly throw an idea against the wall to see if it sticks:

  • Perhaps the “pregnancy” was symbolism for Raven’s protective relationship with The Inventor.
  • Perhaps there was an abortion, a miscarriage, or an adoption after birth.
  • Perhaps Raven was actually dating, engaged, or married.

Whatever the case, Fodder had no more time to spend thinking about it. He would take whatever comes.

Though, it would break his heart to find she were raising a child alone - while he has yet to raise himself into the man she needs.

Update 3

Many months later, Fodder has has developed far more hypotheses related to this particular video. None of them are related to his original concerns.

He is ashamed and embarrassed by his initial reaction to Raven’s looks. However, he was asked to be honest - and honesty is what he gave. He will not delete the content.

He will apologize, however.