Nov 1, 2019


Here, emotions behold

You’ve entered a Hell where the Devil is made of gold

Please, don’t run your mouth

The questions before have no place in this haunted house

Reveal your selfish pleasure

One more time ‘round for good measure

In the answer you hold

Time would be better off if our souls had been sold

— from Coheed and Cambria - “The Dark Sentencer”


I’m a slave, and I am a master

No restraints and unchecked collectors

I exist through my need to self-oblige

She is something in me that I despise

— from Slipknot - “Vermilion Pt. 1”


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - determination
    - fearlessness


Oh, when the lights go out

Abandon reason, listen to them shout

Divine, these monsters of flesh and bone

Oh, they make hate look so easy, loathe their kind

Oh, show me your true ugly

The stranger you move, the sweeter you become

Now show me the good you’ve done

Show me the animal

— from Coheed and Cambria - “True Ugly”


You know this is right.