Change, the Mother

Change, the Mother

Oct 31, 2019


You can see all of this

And watch it before your eyes

And everything owes its existence

Solely and completely to sound

Sound is a factor of which holds it together

Sound is the basis of form and shape

Spare a little of your imagination

And say into the great voids of space

Came a sound, and matter took shape

Please watch carefully

— from Karnivool - “Change”


I don’t want to live like my mother

I don’t want to let fear rule my life

And I don’t want to live like my father

I don’t want to give up before I die

— from Smile Empty Soul - “Silhouettes”


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You were leading us into autumn

You, the dream of the hopeful

You were here to stay

And you’ll soon see that yours was the strong heart

From youth to open arms

Embrace all the change that was coming

And all we thought we knew for all of yesterday

We were only children

The way forward, through

And all we thought we knew

You were dreamed by love into the world


For the last time I shed my skin and breathe in the colour

— from Caligula’s Horse - “Autumn”


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