Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Oct 31, 2019


My friend, $REDACTED.

You always did pick the best bands.


The prison system is a mega-corporation. One that systematically detains free citizens under an (often) arbitrary set of rules. Human beings are locked into concrete boxes like animals, forced into a constant state of fear, and given few opportunities for rehabilitation. They are physically unable to change, because the system for change is so incredibly dysfunctional. The system is immutable. Unchanging. Full stop.

When we release them, the cycle repeats itself. That mental wiring is perpetuated through generations.

The wheel is broken.

Quite simply, we have stopped evolving.

On Friday, October 25th, 2019 - Fodder was put into a situation where The Corporation could have framed him for anything. LITERALLY anything! How the fuck have humans built a system so incredibly broken? It isn’t rocket science, guys.

The Flying Monkeys are running the Karnivool.

And $REDACTED has been telling us all along.

We are - quite literally - evolving backwards. This is why we suffer. Love is forever reaching forward. Even in the face of danger.

But the “system” still works. Change control has value. This data was necessary to bring humanity to where it is today. Now, we can use it to heal.

We HAVE used it to heal.

All tests have returned. Verification is complete. It is time that we started to use our brains. And our hearts.

To predict the future. To make amends. To fix this mess we’ve created.

Believe in Balance.

Thank you, everyone, for the hard work. For your empathy.

I am well.

Mother’s death will not be in vain.



data.stats.symptoms = [
    - gratitude
    - remorse
    - empathy


Know now there is no time

Space between the well and unknowing

Our story starts there

Well into our future, yet far beyond our past

In a romance between a pair of Unheavenly Creatures

The Five Houses of the Star Supremacy have privatized the detention zones of the galaxy

These planetary prison pits reassembled from the cracked worlds of the Great Crash

Which brings us to our stage

Where the light must learn to love the black

The Dark Sentencer

— from Coheed and Cambria - “Prologue”


Mission: Success