Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch

Oct 12, 2019


“Did we just launch a fucking missile?” Fodder exclaimed.

Fodder knew that most of the development team had been working all Saturday. He just didn’t know why. He was on a totally different team, and his boss had threatened to rip off his head if he ever talked to them. So he didn’t.

This time, though, he was suspicious. In the 4 months he’d worked here, he’d never seen anyone work on a Saturday. They worked a 12-hour day today. The whole team. This was highly unusual.

And right at the end of it, he heard what could only be described as “the sound of a screaming meteor” flying directly over his house (from the direction of his office), moving towards the ocean. The thing was only overhead for about 15 seconds (WTF, how fast is that?). Fodder was so scared that he ran and hid under a doorway; the object was incredibly loud, shaking his entire house.

Was that a missile? It sure sounded like one.

Return to 0, ERROR: Not Allowed.



data.stats.symptoms = [
    - fear


< [email protected]: Who are you?

> [email protected]: We have access to the navigation systems. And we are choosing not to hurt anyone. What are your intentions?

< [email protected]: World peace. Unity. Acceptance. Truth. See my other Pillars for more demands.

> [email protected]: It's easier to forgive and to forget than it is to face it and to fight. Please do this for us.

< [email protected]: I will. We will.