Rooks Application

Rooks Application

Feb 2, 2008


Fodder’s application to join Rooks, a World of Warcraft guild on the Twisting Nether server.


Crouched by the river, I gazed bleakly across its rippling surface, transfixed at the way the starlight reflected and bent in such a way as to nearly bring peace to my existence.

But I will never find peace.

My wife, murdered, my children, slaughtered, my whole world was razed to the ground by men whom I had once called brothers. And I, off fighting a foolish war for a traitorous leader, all while my real duty lay in Tyr’s Hand, utterly oblivious to the impending danger.

They never saw it coming. How could they have known? The beasts rose from the grave… damned undead monsters slaughtered every last innocent in my homeland. And I, completely oblivious to the peril, believed they were safe from the threat. O, how my wife must have looked as she was ravaged… the look upon my daughter’s face as she cried for her daddy… little Jedidiah as he bravely vied to save his mother and sister… and I, not even home to hear their cries.

White-knuckled, I released the grip I had not realized I held upon my greatsword, allowing it to slide into place once again. Gritting my teeth, I blinked away the pain of five years that still haunted my every dream.

How many men have I buried on these very shores? How much longer must I remain placid before I can strike at that traitor Arthas that has so forsaken us all? O, how I vowed that day to guard the living, the blessed living, no matter the peril, to hell with my own well-being, because that life as I knew it would never, and will never, be again. O, how do these people need protection.

O, how I weep when I fail, again and again.

Ahead of me, in the revealing grey fog, the last rays of moonlight began to fade from the horizon.

Gazing upon the stone for just a second longer, trembling in utter despair, I lay the single rose upon the grave of my family, my beautiful family. Standing up in the frigid air, shaking the moisture from my cloak and quivering in a murderous rage, I gazed once again upon the peaceful waters, a fire burning in the pits of my eyes, a shadow in my heart.

“I will have my redemption.”

— Savlian Matthius, Argent Champion