The Sanctuary of Humanity


Name: The Sanctuary of Humanity
Author: The Universe, Digital Renderings by Aeleron Studios
Classification: Residential


The Sanctuary of Humanity, also known as the Salt Monument, is one woman’s visionary exploration into the cyclical nature of birth and death. Each life on earth is represented as a grain of salt, and as the day passes, salt grains both fall away from the cube and are added. Each year, the “death” grains are molded into a unique salt sculpture.

The metaphysical education that the Salt Monument promotes is furthered by the design of the Sanctuary of Humanity – a permanent home exhibiting the monument and its meaning. The Sanctuary asks, “What if we create a centerpoint for humankind? A place where everyone, without exception, is included. A place to consider the common chord of our essential existence. A legacy of hope and meaning, of unity and wonder.”

The Sanctuary, designed with sacred geometries at its core, would provide a contemplative experience meant to inform and deepen humanistic perspectives on spirituality, history, biology, time, cosmology, and more. It would also act as a reliquary for the annual remembrance sculptures and a celebration & performance space for vitally unifying rituals.

The Sanctuary of Humanity is seeking a permanent site upon which to construct this truly unique and revelatory experience of life, death, and the totality of being.

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We’ll miss you everyone

It sure was fun, the times we all had

We’ll miss you everyone

The time has come

We’ll miss you

— from Thank You Scientist - “My Famed Disappearing Act”


This place will be built in Houston, TX, USA.