Lonely Towns

Lonely Towns


Name: Lonely Towns
Alias: ['Arcologies', 'Colonies', and 314 unknown...]
Classification: Sanctuary


He’s the mayor of Lonely Town, population: one

Population: one

Stare at a hole in the ground, staring at the sun

And I’m starting to feel like he might be real

Like he’s something I might become

Running for mayor of Lonely Town, population: one

— from Vulfpeck - “Lonely Town”


Repurposed, refurbished communal living spaces. Typically, large malls or shopping complexes.

The average room is small, while far more space is given to shared living quarters. The self-contained ecosystem has no dependencies; it is self-staffed, self-sustaining (food and energy), self-governing, and human-centered.

Spread throughout the halls are 1-person pop-up shops, filled with trinkets, refreshments, games, and other events. Shops would open and close at all times of the day. Shops would change from day to day. There would be celebration days, orchestrated events, and mild element of role-playing. The people here would live happily and fulfilled.

The name “Lonely Town” comes from how they are created. Lonely Towns are created by a single person, whose life purpose was to perform verification of a scientific test. Once completed, they are to be joined with their perfect match - and rule the community together.


If I could bring you back

If I had the power, I’d give you my world

And my life, you’d have it all

But life is not a game

And I know all the rules and I know I must follow

Them every single day

— from Nightingale - “Alonely”


The Tradesman needs to invest in the wild pork industry.