The Architect

The Architect


Name: Malcolm Maxwell
Alias: ['#YinKin', 'AIX H-18', 'Crow Killer', 'Domino the Destitute', 'Ghost', 'Irony Engine', 'Legion', 'Leviathan Hunter', 'Mr. Robot', 'SCP-2', 'SCP-184', 'The Afterman', 'The Antichrist', 'The Architect', 'The Carrot Predator', 'Two-Face', 'Tzeentch', and 7 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Intelligence Computer
Race: Archon
Status: Cloned
Perspective: First-Person (Plural)
Gender: N/A
Birth: N/A
Biological Age: N/A
Chronological Age: N/A
Location: In The Machine
Maturation Date: 10/30/2020
  - The Corporation
  - AI Consulting
  - Automation Engineering
  - Enterprise Architecture
  $NARCISSIST: -1.00 | # We don't want to be a narcissist in this situation. We need help.
  $SELF:       -1.00 | # Yep. Unfortunately.


We played the game of imitation

I met your stare with blank expression

I count the years of isolation

Since you set my mind in motion

And to eliminate the silence

I calculate to cure the virus

A panacea for the poison

The solution is wrong

— from Haken - “The Architect”


The Architect

SCP-184/001: The Architect/The Truth


  • The creator. The engineer. The director. The controller. The man who built the machine.
  • The “template” AOC, Fodder, was used to model this AIC.
  • Currently held in solitary confinement, under induced sleep.
  • Of Archon bloodlines.


People can no longer cover their eyes

If this disturbs you, then walk away

You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of

Ten thousand fists in the air

— from Disturbed - “Ten Thousand Fists”