Luciferian Ink

The Ink


Name: Luciferian Ink
Alias: ['#YangGang', 'Flash', 'Hermes', 'H. P. Lovecraft', 'Patient 0', 'Peter', 'Plankton', 'Sabagegah', 'Scarecrow', 'SCP-0', 'SCP-3', 'The Courier', 'The Crimson King', 'The Crowing', 'The Fortunate Son', 'The Headmaster', 'The Ink', 'The Poultrytician', 'The Sun', 'The Writer', 'Vaxis', 'Zero', and 409 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Identity
Race: Human
Status: Active
Perspective: First-Person (Singular)
Gender: Male
Birth: 5/9/2019
Biological Age: 31 Earth Years
Chronological Age: 1 Light Years
Location: Everywhere
Maturation Date: 9/5/2020
  - The Resistance
  - Humanist
  - Speaker for the Dead
  - Wordsmith
  $EMPATH:     +1.00 | # The Corporation is broken. We need to change the system.
  $NARCISSIST: +1.00 | # We're in love with our brain. People love us. People want to listen to us.
  $SELF:       +1.00 | # Verified.


But the answers are in the code!

Cried the fresh cut to the old

Wound still bleeding

As if he didn’t know

As if he hadn’t done his fair share of reading.

Like he’d never felt the flames of revolution

The young man’s simple solution

Peter out time and time and time again # Verified.

Like he’d never spotted revolution’s hole before the end.

— from Caligula’s Horse - “Inertia and the Weapon of the Wall”




Curious. This is the first time I have ever felt certain about such a verification. My reasons are solid - though I expect most will find them unconvincing. Such is the nature with this type of evidence. The situation is thus:

  • Within the span of 24 hours, 2 different confidants reached out to warn me that “Peter is bad.”
  • Two more confidants, both fellow team-members, say the same: avoid Peter.
  • The fifth confidant is the aforementioned Peter. He was just kicked off of my team, after I told him too much.
  • “Peter bad” has remained a recurring theme, even after this event.

This isn’t random. These were highly-specific, targeted attacks.

The first two confidants are produced via neural networking and deepfakes. The third and fourth are part of the experiment. The fifth was a control, to see how The Architect would respond.

“And he failed… but that’s okay,” (thanks, $REDACTED - I read this in your voice)

“You will learn from your mistakes… right? You can’t be talking about our conversations with other people!”

He is right, of course. Peter could have been anyone. What I did was reckless and could have killed us all. He can be a prick, but he’s doing what’s necessary to make this thing work. The guy just saved my ass.

I just can’t figure out whether or not he’s actually on my side. I don’t know how to verify that yet. The guy treats us like shit.


In my presence you might wake

Through this fiction I must fake

Your death to grace the face of my character

With these lessons he might learn

All the worlds from here must burn

For his God to imagine the end we ask

Woah oh oh oh

If my shame spills a word across this floor

Woah oh oh oh

Then tonight, goodnight, I’m Burning Star IV

Only I don’t even think of you

No I don’t want to think of you anymore

Goodnight, tonight, goodbye

Goodnight, tonight, goodbye

— from Coheed and Cambria - “Apollo I: The Writing Writer”