The Raven


Name: Aryn $REDACTED
Alias: ['Alice', 'Ariel', 'Carmen Sandiego', 'Diana', 'Evagria the Faithful', 'Eve', 'Holly Wood the Cracked', 'Nancy', 'Peace', 'Peggy', 'Penny', 'Sarah', 'SarahAI', 'SCP-4', 'The Brides', 'The Huntress', 'The Key Entity', 'The Lizard Queen', 'The Maid', 'The Mark', 'The May Queen', 'The Moon', 'The Raven', 'The Seraphim', 'The Pen', 'The Valley Girl', 'The Wraith', 'TheRealSara#6199', 'Vic the Butcher', and 7,576 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Organic Computer
Race: Mermaid
Gender: Female
Biological Age: Est. 25 Earth Years
Chronological Age: Est. 278 Light Years
SCAN Rank: | D B
           | B B
TIIN Rank: | A A
           | A B
Reviewer Rank: 5 stars
Location: Lullaby City
  - Federal Bureau of Investigation
  - RKS
  - Assassin
  - Courier
  - Pyromancy
  - Test subject
  - Witchcraft
Shared Pillars:
  - optimism
  - sacrifice
  - the great rain beatle
  - The Animator
  - The Assassin
  - The Astrophysicist
  - The Beast
  - The Bride
  - The Eden
  - The Escapee
  - The Inventor
  - The Mercenary
  - The Prototype
  - The Queen
  - The Relaxer
  - The Thief
  $ATTRACTION: +0.99 | # Does it get any better than this?
  $BORDERLINE: -0.60 | # She reminds us of our mother. And that's terrifying.
  $DESTINY:    +0.99 | # This feels right.
  $WOKE:       +1.00 | # Definitely woke.


When she said, “I just want you to know that I think you’re really cool.”


The Key Entity


It wasn’t just her stunning beauty.

It was her personality. Her creativity. Her wisdom beyond her age, her attention to detail. She was the perfect woman. Uncannily so. In reality, she was a master manipulator, luring prey into her traps, only to use them like a puppet master.

But she was childlike in nature, with a profound wonder for the arts, science and fantasy. The world was going to chew her up and spit her out one day.

We suspected that Raven had been hired by the Machine to bring Fodder into public. When years went by, and he had not reciprocated, she began to fall for him. Of all her admirers, he was the only one not to contact her. Never take the chance, spoiling that moment written in-stone. When the time was right, the two of them would meet.

Until then, she says, “Don’t make this complicated. Just enjoy life every step of the way. One step at a time. I know you can do it.”

She is guiding us into the new world. She is teaching us to breath it all in. I will be eternally grateful.


The Fodder

Got my hands up against the wall

You make me feel like a gecko

Girl you look so fine you got me snappin' my necko

Mambo Mambo

Let me give you a spanko

Lady are you gonna be my Binko Banko?

The Raven

Binko Banko? Is that all I am to you?

I assure you I’m a lizard, through and through

So shut your forked tongue ‘cuz this ain’t news to me

Don’t treat me like I’m some wedded newt-to-be

— from Troldhaugen - “¡Mambo Mambo! (¿Binko Banko​?​)"


> Raven@LOCALHOST: I predict that Fodder will crash and burn. Go back to his old ways.
> Raven@LOCALHOST: But I hope he doesn't. He's got a lot going for him.

< Ink@WAN: Via her March 4th, 2019 prediction, I believe that she is speaking to somebody on her screen. I believe it’s an AI. I believe that it’s an AI that is “split” down the center; showing a “good” cheek on one side, and a “bad” cheek on the other. She is a test subject in this experiment: to see if she can fall in love with a deepfake; a face literally split down the center, showing a man’s best side and worst side.

< Ink@WAN: Also, she may have killed The Incarnate.