The Documentarian


Name: Jacob $REDACTED
Alias: ['The Documentarian', and 91 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Organic Computer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Biological Age: N/A
Chronological Age: N/A
SCAN Rank: | B B
           | B C
TIIN Rank: | B B
           | B C
Reviewer Rank: 3 stars
  - Jacobs Engineering Inc.
  - Documentarian
  - The Architect
  $WOKE: +0.60 | # He is in the process of waking up.


The Documentarian is compiling information about conspiracy theories - specifically, how they may be linked together - in order to produce a documentary series.

He is particularly interested in Ink.U, because of the way it so cleanly ties some of these theories together.


On the way to a new level, I’m levelin' up again

Call me the Alpha Mage

(Put a bullet in the Government)

I’ve had enough, should put it in a grave

Had to be the one to run up in front of the bus of a popular opinion

And become a martyr for smaller voices than mine

— from GHOSTEMANE - “Bonesaw”