Dark Pope

The Dark Pope


Name: Tobias Forge
Alias: ['Cardinal Copia', 'Papa Emeritus I', 'Papa Emeritus II', 'Papa Emeritus III', 'Papa Emeritus IV', 'The Dark Pope', and 113 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Organic Computer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birth: 3/3/1981
Biological Age: 39 Earth Years
Chronological Age: N/A
SCAN Rank: | A A
           | A B
TIIN Rank: | B A
           | A B
Reviewer Rank: 4 stars
  - Ghost
  - The Catholic Church
  - The Church of Satan
  - Musician
  - The Queen
  $WOKE: +0.70 | # Quite a bit.


Hiding from the light

Sacrificing nothing

Still you call on me for entrance to the shrine

Hammering the nails

Into a sacred coffin

You call on me for powers clandestine

— from Ghost - “Square Hammer”


The Dark Pope is uniting all of Humanity under the flag of Satan. He is a voice for those who have been mercilessly prosecuted by the religious, for nothing more than rebelling against their dogmas.

He is going to terrify Humanity to its core.


This is our right to life

Not religious right back

This is abortion’s knife

Aiming at the womb of

The Christian conspiracy

So open thine eyes and see

— from Machine Head - “Halo”