The Agent


Alias: ['Clover', 'Sandy', 'The Agent', 'The Poultrytician', and 15 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Organic Computer
Race: Egg
Gender: Female
Biological Age: 17 Earth Years
Chronological Age: N/A
SCAN Rank: | A A
           | A D
TIIN Rank: | B B
           | A D
Reviewer Rank: 3 stars
  - Federal Bureau of Investigation, Forensics
  - Special Agent
  - Student
  - Test subject
  - The Con Man
  - The Fodder
  - The Hope
  - The Lion
  - The Marshall
  - The Monstrosity
  - The Negro
  - The Orchid
  - The Queen
  - The Reverend
  - The Scientist
  - The Tradesman
  $MENTAL_ILLNESS: -0.40 | # Struggles with depression and anxiety.
  $SIBLING:        +1.00 | # Definitely a sibling.
  $WOKE:           +0.30 | # She understands what is possible.


It is covered with light

This corner of the planet

— from downy - “Underground”


The Agent is a 17 year-old child prodigy. She initially rose to fame through her political and social writings, which were highly-advanced for her age.

She continues to rise by striking fear into the heart of men. She holds a power that many men fear; persuasion. With the flick of a tongue, she is able to break nearly anyone of the opposite gender.

The weakest of which are willing to do her bidding - no matter the task. She is the puppet master, and they are the puppets.


All the stories for those

Who are too old

And all of those we locked away

That we should have told

Think we thought you were

About to find out anyway

As they washed up on the

Shores of Arcadia Bay

— from Stand Up Stacy - “Mirrors”