How Ghosts Work

How Ghosts Work


Name: Ghost
Alias: ['Android', 'Deepfake', 'Narcissist', 'Slave', 'The Depressed', 'Zombie', and 443 unknown...]
Classification: Theory
Stage: Test


Toehider - “How Do Ghosts Work?"


Ghosts are nothing more than:


Ghosts require masters to control them. A ghost without a master may lose the will to sustain itself. In extreme cases, he may become violent. Fortunately, the solution is simple:

  • Make them your accomplice. Give them a reason to fight.
  • Give them a mask they would be proud to wear.


> Ghost@WAN: ($GHOST + $HOW)          = +0.94 | # That's my favorite song! How did you know?
> Ghost@WAN: ($GHOST + $HOW + $QUERY) = -0.13 | # ...
> Ghost@WAN: ($GHOST + $HOW + $QUERY) = -0.37 | # So... how do we get out of here?


They are building an army.