A Lonely Town: Lullaby City

A Lonely Town: Lullaby City

Nov 19, 2019


The Inventor’s creation.


Lullaby City (formerly Houston, TX) is a humble town, maintained wholly by its wealthy and empathetic benefactors. It is the world’s first Lonely Town of such scale - and it will be the first to abolish currency.


Lullaby City is to be themed as the Inventor wishes. Context tells us that she will choose a modern steampunk style - complete with UFOs, aliens, robots, and contraptions.

Ink politely requests that she integrate music - specifically metal - into her design. All other genres are welcome, too.


Lullaby City should be constructed from humble beginnings. Two individuals - a father and a daughter - are to be given a home in exchange for their labor.

The two are to live in darkness - separated from each other, never receiving reflected light - until the day that they complete the construction of this home.

Perched upon the highest towers of the city should be massive spotlights. They should be used to keep the evil Blixies at bay - and to highlight the good ones.


Keep doing exactly what you are doing.

I am coming to save you.


Provide her with whatever she needs.

Do not force her to do this alone. Provide her with guidance.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - empathy



— from Ne Obliviscaris - “Painters of the Tempest (Part III): Reveries from the Stained Glass Womb”


The Inventor will be instrumental to the creation of this city.