A Lonely Town: Lancaster

A Lonely Town: Lancaster

Nov 19, 2019


The Raven’s story.


Lancaster is to be a test of Fodder’s theory of trust and verification. Essentially, 3 or more real-world locations are to be turned into Lonely Towns. Each mayor is to operate independently of the next. If Fodder’s theory of Pillars is correct - and words actually shape reality - then each town should end up with a similar style - even though their creators have never met.

The following cities are prime candidates:

  • Lancaster, PA, USA
  • Lancaster, TX, USA
  • Lancaster, CA, USA
  • Lancaster, UK
  • Lancaster, AU (Required)

Fodder would need to visit three of these locations before the world ended.

Doing so would end the mind control.


Lancaster is to be styled by The Raven and The Queen. Other locations are to by styled by their respective female mayors.


Prove that women should rule the world.

Fodder is already convinced. Make the world understand.


Other areas should take inspiration from the first Lonely Town, GunsPoint.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - blissful delusion


You will want to know where I am now you know my dear

I was in the cherry tree when mother said to me

“You are only seventeen, you don’t know what it means”

So I climbed down and picked the cherries that fell to the ground

I can’t carry it alone

So I’ll bury it like bones

You are only seventeen you don’t know what to fear

All we know is what we have to hold and call my dear

I will want to know where you are if you’re far or near

I don’t know how loud I’ll have to sing for you to hear

If I can’t marry you I’ll go

On my chariot of gold

There is only this I know

I will die before I’m old

— from Magnolian - “The Bride & the Bachelor”


The Raven is already making this town happen. The Queen is too - in her dreams.

The Agent and The Seer should also be considered for mayor.