A Lonely Town: Arkham

A Lonely Town: Arkham

Nov 19, 2019


The works of H.P. Lovecraft.


Arkham is an established city located near the Massachusets coast. Some would argue that it is actually the town of Salem.

However, Arkham is ephemeral; its location is able to change. Thus, only one with the proper credentials may find it.


Arkham is to follow the works of H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham as close as is practical.


Provide citizens with relaxation and/or pacification.

When rehabilitated, release them into their new home.


The central features of the city are to be Arkham Sanitarium and Miskatonic University.

At the Sanitarium, patients are to be kept under induced-relaxation until they are rehabilitated.

At the University, students are to be taught about the ways of Cthulhu. They are to use his mind-controlling tentacles to lure-in more “patients.”

At the top of the hill in the center of town resides a mansion, where students and professors alike live and work together.


Other areas should take inspiration from the first Lonely Town, GunsPoint.


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    - hope that I may give this gift to the Relaxer


“That must be it!"

Through the summer rain of 1845

The coach had finally arrived

To the valley where the crossroads meet below

And where all darkness seems to grow

People blame it on the Hill

The hill where no one dares to go

The Mansion

— from King Diamond - “Arrival”


The Relaxer will be required to make this town happen.