A Lonely Town: Atlantis

A Lonely Town: Atlantis

Nov 19, 2019



Atlantis is an underwater Lonely Town off the coast of Australia.


Theme is at the bottom of this city’s list of things to focus on. A city at the bottom of the ocean is difficult to build - let alone decorate.


The complex will be staffed with world leaders, scientists, doctors, and many other types of professional. This is where the members of HollowPoint Organization are to be transported, when the time comes.

They are to remain underwater for the duration of one year.


Atlantis was created to serve as a research base for the new world order. As such, people inside of the base are to be cut off completely from the world. Their only mode of communication is by proxy: through Ink.

Mental Health

The majority of residents are happy, healthy, and optimistic. The reasons are twofold:

  • These individuals are no longer alone - and they are working towards a common goal.
  • These individuals are allowed to communicate with their mermaid partners on the outside.


Save Humanity.


Provide them with whatever they need.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - determination


And ​on ​the ​road ​we ​see ​someone ​you ​know

You ​remember, ​no? ​From ​a ​previous ​episode

Why, ​it’s ​Malcolm ​going ​on ​his ​way ​to ​home

He ​passes ​by ​a ​river ​wide, ​a ​shimmering ​light ​catches ​his ​sight. ​And ​so ​he ​dives ​in ​and,

Surprise! ​He ​sees ​our ​guy, ​and ​he ​recognizes ​the ​stony ​giant. ​He ​might, ​or ​it ​kinda ​reminds ​him

Of ​that ​giant ​bride. ​He ​waves ​a ​“hi”, ​and ​with ​big ​jewel ​eyes ​it ​sighs,

“Hello ​and ​welcome ​to ​my ​home ​here ​in ​the ​water. ​It’s ​so ​exciting, ​it’s ​exactly ​what ​I ​wanta."

— from Toehider - “I’ve Been So Happy Living Down Here in the Water”


November 1, 2020