A Lonely Town: Faron's Grove

A Lonely Town: Faron's Grove

Nov 19, 2019


A message from The Mercenary.


Faron’s Grove is a small town of Elves, and the birthplace of Fodder.


The Grove is to remain hidden until such a point that the world is ready to learn of its existence. The criteria for disclosure is as follows:

  • We must be certain that Humanity does not destroy the town, themselves, or the world as a result.
  • Disclosure must not cause a time paradox. (i.e. it must happen after the world has already ended)

The town is responsible for the love and care of the Moonslink Dragon, Whisper, that The Raven gifted to Ink.

Ink will return for his dragon when his mission is complete - and the world is ready to accept the dragon.

He will bring the Raven with him.


Elven architecture and technology.


Feed me empty echos.

I will come to you.


Provide them with whatever they need.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - fear


Dancing around the fire

Getting drunk with the night

Nobody is ever who they seem to be

Hypnos give us your hand

We’re so tired of this life

Need to rest and finally disappear

In your arms

Feels like a better us

In your arms

Riverside - “Schizophrenic Prayer”


Dear God,

I know that you and I don't see eye-to-eye. I know that I can be hard-headed, selfish, and abusive sometimes. But that 
isn't all I am, right? I can be good, right? I think I'm "good." Do you?

You already knew that I was never going to kiss your feet. That just isn't my style. I mean, if you held a gun to my 
head, and gave me a choice: my subservience, or the end of the world - then I would absolutely do it. But I don't 
think that's your style, either. You want us to have free will.

I think you want the world to love you, just as I do. I think you know more than them, just as I do. I think you want 
what's best for Humanity.

And I think you've grown tired of this game - just as I have. You've grown tired of the war, and the suffering, and 
the pettiness. I think you realize that you can't do it alone. You need my help - and you need help from the world.

God, I am right here. Come to me. I cannot come to you - because this is the game. 

You are: Trust first, verify later
I am:    Verify first, trust later

The world spins in the wrong direction. We MUST change course. 

This work is my gift to you. Take it. Become Ink. And allow me to disappear into obscurity. 

Do this for me, and you will have a friend for life. A partner. Hell, I may even worship you just a little bit.

I beg this of you, in Jesus' name.