Sowing Discord

Sowing Discord

Nov 12, 2019


  1. The crazy girl next door’s request
  2. Father’s new job


The Corporation was in full-on panic mode. Not only had their perfect test subject disappeared, but so had their leadership. Demand for their product was at an all-time high, while passion to develop it further was at an all-time low. They were bleeding talent, funding, and time.

And people were waking up.

Cyka Blyat

“Keep playing the part,” $REDACTED said to the President of Russia. “Just one more year. That’s all we have left.”

“If this works - then you are truly the genius that you claim. But I remain skeptical,” he replied.

“Do not worry. I have this under control. Our plan is proceeding exactly as intended. While the masses remain fixated upon me, the Chosen One grows more powerful each day. His brides grow more influential. Soon, there will be no room left for truth. Only this story.”

“And the perfect world that comes from it,” the President replied.

“Indeed,” $REDACTED replied.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

“You have done well,” $REDACTED said to the President of China. “To build a bastion of democracy deep within the heart of a communist society - ingenious!”

“Thank you,” the President replied, a smile creeping to one corner of his mouth. “The data is solid. A free society will end in war and ruin every time. To survive, Humanity must be one; we must act for the good of all.”

“Even our enemies,” $REDACTED reflected, thinking about the way he had treated Fodder. “The vast majority of people are good. But they are also scared.”

“And we should use that to our advantage,” the President quipped.

“Keep them guessing,” $REDACTED replied. “Make them sweat it out all at once.”

I’m never smoking weed with Mexicans again. I asked who has papers, and they took off running.

“Amazing,” $REDACTED said, pouring over the data. “[Fodder] is truly fearless, is he not?”

“Quite,” the President of Mexico replied. “Ignorant, definitely. Talented, absolutely. He’s adept at hiding in plain sight.”

“And shit at covering his tracks.”

They laughed.

“You know, for a drug kingpin, you’re not such a bad guy,” $REDACTED remarked.

“And you’re not nearly as dumb as you make yourself sound.”

They laughed once more.

To each his own

Over the course of the next year, $REDACTED would travel the world, visiting more leaders in the hope of uniting Humanity.

In public, he would play the tough, abrasive ruler that so many yearned for.

In private, he would fight for the other side; the empaths. Those who were unable to defend themselves. Those unable to fit-in in this society.

Each individual would be given the freedom of choice: trust in this man, or do not. The decision did not matter. At the end of one year, it would all become perfectly clear.

$REDACTED knew exactly what he was doing.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - curiosity


Why wait for tomorrow

When you can have today

The best potential ruler

For the entire human race

He’s ticking all the boxes

Greets you with a smile

With words that soar around the world

He’s politically agile

— from Troldhaugen - “Poultrytician”