The Queen is Dead; Long Live the Queen

The Queen is Dead; Long Live the Queen

Oct 31, 2019


The Queen’s death.


On October 31st, at exactly 12:34am, Fodder’s mother - the Queen - passed away from complications of pancreatitis.

While her soul was gone, her willpower remained. Her impact upon Fodder and the kingdom remained.

Fodder mourned, briefly, before returning to work.

By 9:00am, $REDACTED had fired Fodder from his job.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - mourning


Blackbird claw, raven wing

Under the red sunlight

Long clothesline, two shirtsleeves

Waving as we go by

Hundred years, hundred more

Someday we may see a

Woman king, wristwatch time

Slowing as she goes to sleep.

— from Iron & Wine - “Woman King”


Mission: Failure