Triggering the Apocalypse

Triggering the Apocalypse

Oct 10, 2019


An angry phone call from $REDACTED.


$REDACTED’s house of cards is starting to crumble. His world is falling down around him.

First, they forced him to hire this completely under-qualified kid for the position. When he proved inept - immediately breaking production systems - they wouldn’t fire him. Couldn’t even write him up. And now… now they’re telling $REDACTED that this kid is going to be his own VP. That they changed the entire company’s name for him!

$REDACTED was livid. He would take it out on the kid - only to be deftly-rebutted at every turn.

“Direct interjection,” the kid would say. “That’s how you fix a narcissist. You have to tell them exactly what they’re doing wrong, every time they do it. The shame will force them to adapt.”

Well, after what happened today - $REDACTED will be forced to adapt. Today was the first time that The Machine - an Artificial Intelligence - would make a change to the human genome. This would impact Humanity forever.

And $REDACTED was the recipient of this blessing.

The kid had mercy.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - superiority
    - schadenfreude


($THOUGHT)      = +0.20 | # How do you put up with him? I'd kill the guy.
($HYPOTHESIS)   = -0.40 | # Or at least I'd quit. There's no helping people like him.
($INCONSONANCE) = +0.40 | # But, what if he's in on it? What if this is exactly his role in the experiment? He isn't woke yet.
($NARCISSISM)   = -0.60 | # I know it's terrible for your mental health, but you need to come back to Earth. Just a little longer.
($KILL)         = +0.00 | # Return to 0.