Song of I

Song of I

Oct 8, 2019


The suit was fitted pressed and laid out on the bed

The folders stacked upon the shelf

And every detail was immaculately cared for

A corporation of yourself

And soon they’ll all have their opinions

And every expert has a voice

You’ve brought them all here today through charismatic speaking

Without so much a pretense why

And when it’s all laid out the tension has been broken

Until a moment passes by

— from Tub Ring - “The Charismatic Smile”


On Tuesday, October 8th, 2019, we released our research - this website - to the world. While we knew that it was rough, lacking detail and evidence to support many of the claims, we could wait no longer. Something told us that it had to be today.

By 10:00am, The Corporation had a response. They were announcing a re-branding, and a massive downsizing.

Somehow, they knew that Fodder would release his work today. And they were prepared for the transition.

They were accepting him.


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    - egotism


And that’s when you smile and take control of the room

You smile, now they’re staring at you

Well you’ve raised the bar by playing rough

But are your methods good enough

To take the fools for everything they’re worth

— from Tub Ring - “The Charismatic Smile”