Dodging Bullets

Dodging Bullets

Sep 26, 2019


Davos is starting to realize that I’m The Architect now.

Today, he noted a pointless distinction between two websites: one had a white background, and another had a grey. He said that he built them that way to “make it easy to distinguish between the two.”

But I call BS. Why would he waste my valuable time on something so mundane? No. That was a signal.

White. Grey.

They need Black.

Man, I almost fucked that part up. I need to calm my nerves. Nice and slow here. Sam Fisher-like.

You’re the only one here, my dude. No need to rush.

You’re still in control.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - fear
    - understanding


($THOUGHT)      = +0.20 | # Am I already dead?
($HYPOTHESIS)   = -0.05 | # Perhaps not. I suspect that I'm sedated and dreaming.
($INCONSONANCE) = -0.80 | # Oh no, maybe I'm doomed to repeat this existence for eternity!
($NARCISSISM)   = +1.00 | # Half a century, in return for a millennia of immortality? Yes, please.
($KILL)         = +0.00 | # I'm content now. Return to 0.