The Risen Dead

The Risen Dead

Aug 20, 2019


We leave

Upward, toward new dreams

A new hope, an odyssey


The world left behind is dying

As we escape gravity

— from Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - “A Greater Call”


It was in that moment my entire life turned upside-down.

You were everything I had ever dreamed of. You were all I wanted to be, and more. You were all I wanted to protect in this world. You were the answer to every question.

When I looked into your eyes, the fog dispersed. My path was clear. The world made sense again.

You changed me.

You waited for me.

And I would take any burden. I would accept any flaw.

For you.



data.stats.symptoms = [
    - hope
    - longing
    - gratitude


Kill me with silence, I’ll kill her with words

— from Allan Rayman - “13”