A Slow Descent into Madness

A Slow Descent into Madness

Jun 24, 2019


Picture yourself by yourself

No tomorrow or yesterday

Drowning in your own decay

You’ll never be alone this time

So follow the trend break or bend

It’s your funeral-long goodbye

Shut tight an open eye

You’ll never be alone

— from The Butterfly Effect - “A Slow Descent”


Offer of Employment - Fodder


Today was Fodder’s first day with The Corporation. He had been hired as a Senior DevOps Engineer to lead a small, focused task-force of developers in the adoption of automation within the prison system. He couldn’t wait to get started!

Though, he was wary. He knew within the first 5 minutes of interviewing that his boss, $REDACTED, was a narcissist.

It would be interesting to see how this plays-out.

A narc reporting to a narc. Poetic.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - wariness


Last night I dreamt I held you with me

Close enough to feel you breathe

When I awoke I lay here empty

Caught between the want and need

Now in the darkness I am only

Thoughtful hopes and pieces mind

These dreams are all I’ve ever wanted

Found behind the closing eyes

How long we’ve been trying to reach you

We all fall down like this sometimes

Trying to reach you

I’m trying

— from The Butterfly Effect - “Reach”