Ghost in the Wire

Ghost in the Wire

Feb 28, 2003


A call from Grandmother. She swears that she did not initiate it.


Fodder was watching television one evening with his family. The phone rang. So, Father answered it.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Hello?” the caller responded.

“Who is this?”

“Uh… who is this?”

“You called me!” Father responded, “Who is this?”

“No I didn’t!” they protested, “You called me. Wait… Jim, is that you?”


“It is you! How are you doing, son? What were you calling about?”

“Things are great! I didn’t call you, though. You called me!”

“No I didn’t!” Grandmother responded.

“Yes you did!” he said, laughing, “You’re starting to lose that memory with age!”

Grandmother laughed in reply, “I swear! I didn’t call you! My phone rang!”

“Well so did ours.”

“How strange,” she replied.

“Very,” he responded.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - confusion


Now that you’ve felt my existence

I’m not in my house but yours

Listening for footsteps in bedrooms, opening your cabinets and doors

I have named this stance “distance”

Observant, a fly on your wall

She sits and listens to whispers of his secret telephone call

— from Vultress - “A Chord from Heaven”


Grandfather's AI was the broker of that phone call.