The Invisible Child

The Invisible Child

Nov 1, 2001


A message from The Historian.


In 8th grade, the class would travel to Washington D.C. on vacation. Father would chaperone the trip - keeping watch over Fodder the entire time.

To Fodder’s humiliation, Father would see everything; he would see Fodder’s terrible group of friends, he would see that Fodder was a loser, he would see that Fodder never really interacted with anyone.

But he would do nothing. He would say nothing. He would never acknowledge that Fodder was anything other than a normal child.

He would never reflect Fodder back at Fodder.

Thus, Fodder would never learn to change.

Because Father never changed.


data.stats.symptoms = [
    - humiliation
    - loneliness


If a DC-10 ever fell on your head and you’re

Laying in the ground all messy and dead

Or a Mack truck ran over you

Or you suddenly die in your Sunday pew

Do you know where you’re gonna go?

— from Audio Adrenaline - “DC-10”