The Principled One

The Principled One

Jan 9, 1996


A memory.


Fodder would make his way to the lunchroom at school, where he sat across from his best friend, Zak. The two would begin to eat.

Not long after, a group of “cool kids” would come sit next to them. At some point, they would engage the pair.

“Hey Fodder,” said Jake, the leader of the group, “Come sit with us!”

“Okay,” he replied, “Can Zak come?”

“No. Only cool kids get to sit with us,” Jake replied.

“Zak’s cool!” Fodder protested.

“Sorry. Can’t allow it. It’s either him, or us. Do you want to be cool or not?”

Fodder considered for a moment.

“I’m fine right here,” he replied, looking at Zak. He wasn’t about to give up a real friendship for people that had never even noticed him until now.

“Your loss,” Jake replied.

Fodder and Zak would be close friends for a couple of years, before Fodder moved away.

But he would always remember how he stood up for his friend. How he did what was right, even when the prospect of having “a lot of friends” was tempting.

His parents must have done something right.


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    - confusion
    - certainty


Maybe the world won’t crumble.

Maybe we will not wane.

But I won’t hold my breath.

I won’t hold my breath.

A principle god is yet to reign.

— from Voices From The Fuselage - “A Principle God”