Sep 30, 1954


All I want is you, decide your lust

And all eyes drawn to you, consumed and numb

All I want is you; the kiss turns the curse

And all eyes drawn to you and innocence numbed

I won’t deny, all I want, hold on please, I believe

— from Pure Reason Revolution - “Apogee”


Fodder was browsing an old YouTube playlist, lovingly titled “Fuck Me.” You know, it was that playlist you throw REALLY important things into when you’re high.

The above “Apogee” seemed relevant to his situation. But what was this garbage? Fodder had never heard this song before, and he didn’t like it. It’s a style that he’s never listened to, the lyrics were uninspired, and the melody was bland.

How did it end up on his playlist?


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    - curiosity



— from Andy McKee - “Drifting”