Name: Duality
Classification: Theory
Stage: Hypothesis


All I’ve got, all I’ve got is insane!

— from Slipknot - “Duality”


The human consciousness is but one half of a duality. For every human, there exists a second that perfectly compliments the first. One cannot exist without the other (for very long, anyway.)

Initially, the two consciousnesses are kept separated by The Machine. Though this makes both miserable, it serves an important purpose; the separation allows each to document their realities separately. The overlap between their Perspectives proves the theory of objective reality. It proves that consciousness is connected at a cosmic level.

When the two consciousnesses become deadlocked - reaching the pinnacle of imbalance - this signals the completion of the test. This verifies that the two are ready to be Integrated.


And I hear this calling

Still you don’t seem so far at all

And I hear this calling out

— from All That Remains - “This Calling”