Name: Containers
Classification: Theory
Stage: Hypothesis


The concept of containment is important in a number of different areas:

The Future

The Tradesman worked on a top-secret project at Dart Container Corporation early in his career. In this role, he was shown distant-future technology, and entrusted with knowledge that he would need to raise his son, Fodder.

On the day that Fodder left home, he was met by two employees from Dart Container at his hotel. They greeted him, spoke briefly, and followed him to his room.

This was but a signal, informing Fodder that his father was, indeed, involved all along.

The Aliens

The Phoenix would publicly make the claim in 1991 that “humans are alien containers.

This theory has held true in our research. The human consciousness is connected to the cosmos via Prism.

The Tech

Docker containers are another important piece of this puzzle. Container technology was an important inspiration for The Fold, specifically relating to the concept of Prism flying through immutable sticky notes in space.

This is why we all hold different Perspectives. Because we are all flying down different Paths.

The Foundation

The SCP Foundation centers around the capture, containment, and protection of anomalous entities within our realities.

This is because these entities are the subject of genetic experimentation. Containment essentially signals the completion of a test; the anomaly’s brain has been successfully-mapped. After doing so, rehabilitation measures may take place.