The Clinic

The Clinic

Jan 6, 2020


Name: The Clinic
Type: Efficacy Audit
Auditor: Malcolm Maxwell
Date: December 2019
Result: F



The Clinic is a mental health facility located just outside of Dallas, TX. Malcolm spent 21 days here before being discharged.


For $800/night, patients should be eating off of gold-plated tables. Conversely, this clinic is in many ways worse than the cheapest hostel:

  • There are only two components: the shared rooms, and the common area.
  • There is nothing to do, other than watch the TV that is placed much too high upon the wall, or coloring books.
  • Everything is broken. From the water faucets that won’t turn-on, to the medical equipment, to the soda machine.


  • Everything is dirty, grimy, and unkempt.
  • The combination of filth, cleaning products, and poor ventilation is nauseating.
  • Technicians are unable to take vital signs properly. The heart rate monitor is placed onto the same hand as the blood pressure monitor - invalidating the test.


  • Therapists recycle the same useless paperwork on a two-week rotating basis. Never have I seen a greater waste of human potential.


The mental health system is an ineffective, bloated, administrative mess. It is a for-profit system that does not seek to rehabilitate, but instead to medicate.

Staff are overworked, and undereducated. Patients who can not ask for help, are not helped.

Truly, this is a broken system.